Quick 'n Dirty BSD Sockets


Why write this? Mostly because I'd like to keep lots of code snippets here that I can later refer to in order to build software later. The idea is that by typing this stuff out, I'll achieve a number of personal benefits:

  • I'm forced to think about it; this should help commit information to memory and help me trim those things which aren't "good"
  • I'll be able to index and reference it
  • I'll have a repository of boiler-plate code to reference

Additionally, YOU, the intertubes, get some benefit:

  • You get to laugh at my terrible code
  • You get to laugh even more
  • You might find something useful
  • Did I mention the laughing? It's good for your health

The goal is that by the end of this document, enough information will be available that anyone should be able to pick-up and write awesome network code.


One of the most important things about information is organization. To wit, this page will be organized as follows:

  • Part 1 - Socket types, goals, options, and IO
  • Part 2 - Programming from the client-side perspective (TCP/UDP)
  • Part 3 - Programming from the server-side perspective (TCP/UDP)
  • Part 4 - "Advanced" socket programming (security, scheduling, etc)

Scattered throughout this document will be code snippets, links to downloads, and references to 3rd party reading.

Outside Reading

If you have any other references, or resources, let me know (at my email).

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